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GEICO auto insurance customers*As a trusted provider of 24 hour Emergency roadside services, West Tow Company can offer; Tow services to a repair facility.
Labor costs to change a flat tire. Lock out services costs (up to $100). *Check with your GEICO insurance agent. Then call us West Tow of Menifee, Ca. Or use the blue icon button to chat.

AAA roadside assistance

We are accredited by AAA of Southern California. Being listed as a provider by The American Automobile Association, Means we provide quality services and Qualified, friendly service people.

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West Tow Inc of Southern California has 5-stars on Yelp. See more than 100 positive reviews. Read for yourself, our valued, customer Response’s... You are our #1 priority. Contact us today and see what our Menifee towing company can do for you.

We are open 24/7, and have some of The quickest response times! We Take pride in our employees and the Quality of their work and are ready & willing, to offer our services to you! When you need us we will be there For you!

Are you a driver looking for a Rewarding career? West Tow, Offer’s an Apprenticeship program. Paired with our experienced personnel, Become a valued member of our team. We offer competitive wages. Our company is growing fast. Join us and apply today.

West Tow Guarantees 100% Satisfaction

Car breakdowns can happen at the worst time and in the worst places, such as a busy freeway on your way to somewhere important. You need a roadside assistance company that will rush to your aid as soon as you need it. At West Tow Inc. we have some of the most experienced and honest professionals in Menifee, Temecula, Perris and Hemet who will either, get your vehicle fixed and you back on your way, or get you and your vehicle to where you need to be, to get the problem taken care of.

  • Flatbed tow trucks
  • Wheel lift tow trucks
  • Hook and chain tow trucks
  • Integrated tow trucks

A Five Star Towing Company

Most people will think that a towing company is just that, a towing company, but West Tow Inc. of Southern California provides road assistance services on the spot and helps you get back on the road in no time.

Experienced Professionals

Car malfunctions can happen at the most unfortunate time, and you need a partner that will rush to your aid as soon as you need it. We have some of the most experienced and honest professionals in Southern California who will get your vehicle on the road and on your way.

Large Towing Fleet
Modern vehicles need to be handled with care, and we have invested in getting the right tools for the job. We make sure to upgrade our fleet of tow trucks to the modern standards to ensure we provide the best quality towing services in Southern California. We have the following tow trucks in our fleet:


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